Mommy's Oven

Why I Wrote The Book

When I was in the hospital, I thought my world was over. After so many close calls, I didn't think I could experience worse. But when I received the call telling me that it was absolutely not possible for me to carry a child....I crumbled. I experienced a new, debilitating pain that was unbearable.

The idea that the one thing I grew up dreaming about; believing was God given.... was gone. Until the selfless gift of a willing friend.

Surrogacy opened my eyes to a new world of miracles. I thought I'd seen them all! Now we have two of those incredible miracles.
After August, I faced a new challenge. How do you explain to a very observant, inquisitive four year old, why we are having a baby but someone else is carrying it? How do you help him understand that the baby really is going to be part of our family? I then realized that we weren't the only family going through this experience.

This book was such a blessing to our family! The kids loved it so much and I cried pretty much the whole time. I’m so happy for you and your family! Thank you for this gift. Such a fantastic book about surrogacy!

Ashley Starr

Hi Brandi! I have to say thank you for the books that I bought. They were given to my girls as a Christmas present and they were so intrigued by it. When I was reading it my youngest kept asking so many questions. I bet my oldest has read it to my youngest at least 15 times by now and they have it propped up on their nightstand. It was definitely a great book and they liked that more than their expensive toys lol.

Beau Holland

Brandi Pearce’s Mommy’s Oven offers parents and caregivers a marvelous means to explain the miracle of surrogate birth to young readers. The cake analogy gets across the message about genetics and inherited traits in language and concepts kids can understand.

Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite